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SL Grayling
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Grayling is a 19' steam launch first steamed in 1999. The hull is a Selway Fisher design and is built out of plywood with mahogany finish. The engine is a Taylor Twin but with lenghened conrods and thus stands taller than normal.

The SBA Register has much more information on Grayling.

Grayling's engine. 2¼" + 3¾" x 2½". Completed in 1994. It uses a tooth belt drive to the prop shaft at a ratio of 1.45:1. Later modified to piston valve on the HP and converted to puffing from condensing. (Photo by Simon Maltby)

A very rare photo of myself driving Grayling. Looks like Ullswater. (Photo by John Maltby)

Grayling moored up on the public jetty at Bowness-on-Windermere, on Windermere. (Photo by Simon Maltby)

A view of the engine room on Grayling while it is outside the workshop being run on compressed air. (Photo by Simon Maltby)