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SL Shamrock
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Shamrock is a 1906 launch built on Windermere by Nathaniel Shepherd and was originally owned by W.M. Birtwistle until 1929. Now owned by The Shamrock Trust.

See The Shamrock Trust's Website.

The SBA Register has much more information on Shamrock.

Shamrock's engine. 4" + 4" x 5" twin high. Completed in 2001 by Roger Mallinson. It is a straight drive to the prop shaft and uses the large main bearing as a thrust bearing. (Photo by Simon Maltby)

Shamrock moored up at the Lakeside Hotel on Windermere in 2005. (Photo by Simon Maltby)

Shamrock steaming around Belle Isle on Windermere. This is about 400 yards away from where Shamrock was built in 1906, 100 years and 1 month ago at the time of the photograph. (Photo by Simon Maltby)

Shamrock and other boats moored up at the north end of the lake for a tea stop August 2008. (Photo by Simon Maltby)

Shamrock moored up at the Steamboat Museum 12th August 2008 This jetty was washed away in the storms of 2010. (Photo by John Maltby)

The boiler out of Shamrock. Not the original, however it is much like the boiler which Shamrock would have had in 1906. In this photo it is outside the workshop for an inspection which it passed with flying colours. (Photo by Simon Maltby)

Another view of the boiler after being painted and the brass work polished. It is now ready to be placed back in the boat. (Photo by Simon Maltby)