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The Waverley is the only sea-going paddle ship still running in the world. Waverley sails all round Britan but is based in Glasgow where she rests during the winter. The 2100 SHP triple expansion engine which powers the ship can be easily seen from the engine room making the Waverley an idea ship for all steam enthusiasts. Further more, its size means that the Waverley can take 900 passengers on board. Given how cramed people are while it is full, it is amazing to think it would carry 1300 passengers in 1947 when she first sailed out of Glasgow.

The SBA Register has much more information on PS Waverley.

If you would like to see information on the Waverley's official website and excursions, please see

Waverley was built in 1946 after WWII and fitted out in 1947. The ship was built in Glasgow by British Rail to provide much needed work and transport to the city after the war which saw all previous ships either sunk, scrapped or simply worn out. (Photo by Simon Maltby)

The engine was built in 1947 by Rankin & Blackmore Ltd. at Greenock. Maximum speed is 58 rpm while providing 2100 SHP. (Photo by Simon Maltby)

Just incase things didn't go to plan, the Waverley was built with the provision for a gun mount on the forward deck. After 27 years the Waverley was bought for £1 (1.6 USD or 1.2 Euro) by the The Paddle Steamer Preservation Society. (Photo by Simon Maltby)

Youtube video's of the Waverley can be easily found. Here are some which I have made:

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