Southworth Steam Pump 12" for sale plus other stuff

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the severn bore
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Southworth Steam Pump 12" for sale plus other stuff

Post by the severn bore » Thu Feb 27, 2020 10:08 pm

Hello Everyone,

Having abandoned my steamboat dreams (main engine already sold), there are a few more items to go:

1. Recently completed 12" Southworth Vertical Steam Pump.
Has been tested on air. Both steam and water ends are bronze. Comes with displacement lubricator, globe valve and cylinder drain cocks.
Anyone willing to give me £850 for it? I am open to offers. I will post a picture when I work out how to do it!

2. Hand test pump with tank and hose. Never used - has been stuck in a box on the shelf in the workshop. Sensible offers considered, say £50?

3. A copy of 'Steamboats and Modern Steam Launches' by Bill Durham in VGC. £20 ONO.

4. A quantity of SBA 'Funnel' magazines going back approximately 10 years FREE to a collector in person.

5. Boatbuilding formers for a Selway Fisher 'Ijssel' launch. FREE as they didn't go before!

6. A Red Ensign in nylon material, approximately the same size as A1 paper. I might throw this in for free with one of the above.

Buyer/collector can collect personally from me in the UK West Midlands or I can ship the pump or the book at cost price. All other (larger) items to be by personal collection only please.


The Severn Bore
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