Please Read This First

The place to put an advert for thing you want to sell, buy or swap.
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Please Read This First

Post by Maltelec » Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:20 pm

Sales and Trade

Should you wish to sell an item, please make sure you put a suitable description and location in the Subject Line as well as in the message body.

Please also make sure you state a price and the currency, because we have members from different countries who use the forum.

Things you should include in your message:

1. Price
2. Currency
3. Description
4. Location

Should you wish to put up an advert wanting something, please put a suitable description and your location in the subject line, and repeat it again in the message body.

Please Do NOT put your contact details (phone number etc) on the forum. Send them via Private Message or email in order for them to be secure.
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