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Post by fredrosse » Tue Sep 29, 2015 2:39 am

Standing in front of steam lines to a 330 million Watt Tandem Compound Turbine, part of my day job, diagnostics on these machines.

Main Steam, 2500 PSI, 1000F, High Pressure Turbine exhausts as "Cold Reheat Steam", about 600F, is Reheated to become 600 PSI, 1000F "Hot Reheat Steam", then passes thru Intermediate and Low Pressure Turbines, Exhaust to Condenser at 28 inches Hg Vacuum.

This type of coal fired plant runs from about 100 Megawatts to 900 Megawatts size, most of those remaining in service (in the USA) are over 300 Megawatts now.
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