useful workshop equipment - a dust collector

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useful workshop equipment - a dust collector

Post by dampfspieler » Thu Nov 04, 2021 3:43 am


to make cleaning in the workshop easier for me, I bought a dust collector. Because I am very satisfied with the degree of separation achieved and hope that others feel the same way, I would like to briefly introduce it. There are two parts, the cyclone and the metal bucket with lid. The lid is reinforced with a wooden plate.

Both coarse chips and the finest dust are reliably separated, so that I only changed the paper filter of the vacuum cleaner twice over a period of several years. It is now very easy to sort and recycle metal shavings

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Re: useful workshop equipment - a dust collector

Post by PeteThePen1 » Wed Nov 24, 2021 8:21 pm

Well done Dietrich! Thanks for posting this information. It is just the sort of machine that I have been seeking for years but have never stumbled across. For me, I tend to use the Domestic Vax machine which has formidable suction, but then clogs up very easily. This would save me a great deal of work dismantling and cleaning the Vax, and probably encourage me to extract while actually making the dust and chippings.

EDIT - As so often with internet searching one can find slightly related and possibly useful sites. This one goes into some detail on shop dust extraction which may be old news to some folk but it was new to me: ... _7.102025/

The same site has a discussion of the Dust Commander: ... er.103004/

Hope this is of use to somebody.


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