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Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 4:43 pm Post subject: www.steamboating.de
Hello Steamboaters

my last announcement of my web page disappeared so here it is again.

On www.steamboating.de you will find a description of my steam boat Emma and my Steam Boat Register with over 110 boats on over 800 pictures. If you have a steam boat or have made nice boat pictures please feel free to send me a copy for this register.

On my page you also can find two steam boat related Visual Basic Programs.

1th my engine simulator- it is a long time ago that I developed it but still usefull.

And 2nd my new project for conversion of GPS steam boat trip logs to Google Earth kml files with picture links. In the moment this program is only available in German but if someone like to use it in English - no problem about a translated version - just ask...

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just noticed this, what a great resource
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