SYs Rosabelle (1985 and 1901)

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SYs Rosabelle (1985 and 1901)

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Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2009 3:48 am Post subject: SYs Rosabelle (1985 and 1901)
Dear Forum Readers

Wearing my SBA Hon Sec hat, I have received the following enquiry and would welcome your knowledge on the topic:

"I would be grateful if you could suggest where I might be able to find any information about two steam yachts, both Rosabelle, the first of which was acquired (new build or on the market) in 1895 and the second of which was built in 1901, both for a wealthy stockbroker, Theodore Pim. He died in 1927; in 1939 the second Rosabelle was bought by the Admiralty, and was sunk by a U-boat off Gibraltar in 1941. (She came unscathed through similar Admiralty duty in World War I.)

My interest in the Rosabelles springs from some research I am doing (for our local history society) into Theodore Pim, who lived in Bramley, Surrey, from 1907 until his death, and was a very generous benefactor for the community. I know that he was a keen sailor, with a succession of yachts. He became Commodore of the Royal Thames Yacht Club in 1904, and indeed a model of the second Rosabelle is still in the RTYC club-house in London. He was elected to the Royal Yacht Squadron in 1910. Although he lived here, both his steam yachts were kept at Wivenhoe, in Essex.

I would very much like to find more information about either Rosabelle, and ideally some photographs. I have found two of the second Rosabelle on a Wivenhoe web-site, and on another site a photograph of her in either World War I or II at Stromness; but I know nothing about the yachts themselves, other than that they were famous among Pim’s friends for the spirited parties he gave while on his cruises. So if you can offer me any suggestions for further research I would be most grateful.

Peter W Allsopp"

Thanks for your help.

Pete C.
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Re: SYs Rosabelle (1985 and 1901)

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Regarding the SY Rosabelle, my grandfather, Ernest G.H. Brady, RNR, commanded her during her first year in WW1, from Feb 1915 to Feb 1916. I have letters from him, mostly to his brother, which show a little of his experiences. There is a letter from Theodore Pim, enclosing a Beken photo of the yacht before the war. He says she is Length 192 ft. Beam 26.5 ft. Tonnage Gross 525 tons. I think Beken have a photo of her during the war.

He joined the Rosabell on 7th Feb 1915, at Brightlingsea, and "found the late captain, Wenlock, waiting to meet me. I had wired him. He and his two Mates are accepting commissions in the RNR and will remain with the ship. I like him. He is a man of about my age and holds an Extra Master's Certificate." Ernest was aged 47 then. In 1916 he was transferred to be 2nd in command of the Dover Patrol. He later retired to be Managing Director and Secretary of the Weston-super-Mare Pier Company. He died in 1929, I think worn out from his war service. Certainly he went blind.

There is also a poor quality photo of one of the guns, which he describes as "on High Angle mountings, and can be used against air-craft as well as against shipping or sub-marines. The guns are six pounder Hotchkiss - quick firing."
Alterations were made at Marrin's Yard, Cowes, I of W., although guns were to be fitted at Portsmouth.
My Grandfather was made an Honorary Member of the Royal Yacht Squadron whilst at Cowes. "As the club is about the most exclusive in the world I feel honoured."
He also had the Yacht Arianne on the Patrol, which was based at Falmouth. Their beat was the Cornish coast and the Scilly Isles. I think there would have been trawlers on the patrol, with the Rosabelle or Arianne as flagship.
Beken have a photo of the Arianne.
I am in the process of contacting the Wivenhoe's History to share some of this with them.
A detail, if I remember correctly, was that my Granny said the bath on the Rosabelle was gold plated.

I hope that this is not too late for the project, but I have only just seen the post.
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