Colonial River Steamers (Heart of Darkness)

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Colonial River Steamers (Heart of Darkness)

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Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 2:01 pm Post subject: Colonial River Steamers (Heart of Darkness)
Dear Steamboating Enthusiasts

I have received another query for which I would welcome your knowledgeable assistance:

"I am an artist currently working on an illustrated adaptation of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, to be published next year. I wonder if you can help me - as I'm sure you know most of the story takes place on an old steamboat - the one Conrad actually travelled down the Congo in was the SS Roi des Belges ( [img][/img] ).

I am trying to find a reference model for this kind of vessel, and I haven't had any luck with the National Maritime Museum collections
or really anywhere else - there seem to be a great deal of large steamship models, but none of the sort that is usually associated with Heart of Darkness.

I was wondering if perhaps you knew a specific name for this kind of steam ship, or whether you would know of anywhere I could get access to a model of one?

Catherine Anyango <catherine>"

Thank you for your help.


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