Hello from Maryland

Read this first then introduce yourself here.
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Warming the Engine
Warming the Engine
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Re: Hello from Maryland

Post by Akitene » Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:24 pm

@LopezMike: I do hope Barbara enjoys your beloved steam boat more than this gif.

@Ken: a "Like" button could be useful for many serious posts that I've read in here. There's quite a bunch of precious information on this forum, not to mention the experiences and skills shared by some prominent members of our community. ;)
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Full Steam Ahead
Full Steam Ahead
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Re: Hello from Maryland

Post by DetroiTug » Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:33 pm

Akitene wrote:Image

Lopez Mike shovelling fuel into his boiler

(please wait while pic is loading...)
That is perfect, love it

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Lopez Mike
Full Steam Ahead
Full Steam Ahead
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Re: Hello from Maryland

Post by Lopez Mike » Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:52 pm

Aww. Barbara likes the boat. At least as long as she gets to steer!

My favorite steamboat activity is attending events where I can take naive people for rides. Barbara has long since heard all of my explanations and cheap jokes so she goes off to the booths or goes paddling in her ultralight canoe.

Coming up:
Toledo Oregon Wooden Boat Fair August 20th.
Olympia Washington Tug Boat Races. Labor Day weekend

I recommend both of these events as the attendees are fascinated with the idea of a steam launch and I wouldn't mind more boats to share the work. I go through 200 lbs. of wood hauling a hundred to two hundred bodies in a full day. Just a few food and pee brakes for the skipper.

I have a smallish towing bit on the back of Folly so I am sort of a tug boat. It's screwed down with some lag bolts so I wouldn't want to tow much more than an inner tube full of kids.

I have a medium sized mortar (2" bore) that I use for starting the tug boat races. I load it to the gills with black powder (1/2 lb. of FFFF!) so the commotion is considerable. For some reason I haven't had too many repeat riders for that part of the weekend. When I ask them again they say things like, "Eh?"

I have a fine collection of pictures of women in the bow enjoying being on the water and of guys in the stern staring at the engine. I call it Machinery Hypnosis.
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