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How to post a picture

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:44 pm
by Maltelec
To put a picture on the forum you need to host it somewhere, like Photobucket.

You then make an account, upload the picture to your computer, make sure it is public so everyone can see it, click on the URL of the picture and copy it (Photobucket copies it for you).

Then come on here.

In a new topic or a reply to a topic, you will see a button saying "Img" above the text box

Press this button, paste your picture URL in after it (right click and paste) and then press the "*Img" button again, noticing the * will dissappear meaning it is done (like closing brackets).

Press submit when you are done typing.

So, your text box should look something like this:

This is a picture of my boat

[img] ... /logo3.jpg[/img]

> Then when you submit the message, the "[img] ... /logo3.jpg[/img]" section will become the picture.

If it doesn't work, check the URL and check it is between a "[img]" and a "[/img]"

If you get stuck, send me a pm