Welcome! Please read this.

Read this first then introduce yourself here.
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Welcome! Please read this.

Post by Maltelec » Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:46 pm

Welcome to the Forum!

Please read through this page carefully as it will answer most of your basic questions.

Some general advice: Don't be afraid join in. A lot of people just 'lurk' a while before posting anything - thats fine - get the feel of things.

However, due to problems with bogus registrations and people registering merely to promote their dubious websites selling drugs online etc. we would like all new members to post at least once to introduce themselves in the welcome section within one month of registering otherwise their accounts will be deleted. If you then wish to go back to viewing but not posting then that's fine by us (but it is more fun if you do get involved, we don't bite..... much).

If you are posing a question of a technical nature, there is no such thing as a silly question. Silly answers - maybe.

Posting advice and rules:

ON TOPIC DISCUSSIONS: Please constrain all discussions to the relevant areas. The 'Technical' section should only be used for serious technical discussions not for chatting. There is the 'General Stuff' for more general Steamboat related topics. In future off-topic discussions or threads which wander off into the wilderness will just be deleted.

OTHER CLUBS AND FORUMS: WE ARE NOT HERE TO ABUSE OTHERS FORUMS OR CLUBS. Attacks of such a nature will be deleted. Similarly, personal attacks on individuals will not be tolerated and will be deleted.

SWEARING AND ABUSIVE LANGUAGE: The nature of the forum is that of a virtual workshop meet, hence there is no swear word filter. If you are not comfortable with the possibility of children reading such words then it is up to you to prevent them from accessing this forum.

PROVOCATION AND CRITICISM: If you find yourself getting tangled in a heated debate or argument please consider that a slanging match rarely, if ever, solves matters. It just gets laborious for everyone else and doesn't maintain the friendly atmosphere. If you have a problem with another user or other comments posted on the forum please let us know. However, taking the mick in a friendly way between those who know each other outside the forum is acceptable but only if those involved are happy with it.

PHOTOS: No sexually oriented, nude or suggestive photos or illustrations will be allowed. Other General Steamboat and Technical photos should be in the appropriate sections. "Steamboat Photography" is a section for good quality photos of your and other Steamboats, a kind of Steamboat art gallery if you will - photos of work in progress or a boat you saw at the side of the river etc do not belong in here.

When posting photos please have them saved at a resolution of 72dpi and no more than 600 pixels wide. This will save tie in page loading and ensure they fit on the screen.

CHATROOM: The forum is not a chatroom. If you wish to have personal chats please use the personal message system (PM) or use Microsoft Messenger or such like - not everyone knows each other on the forum and are not interested in what you had for tea or reminiscing about something that happened 20 years ago that has no conection with Steamboats!


Do not allow anyone else to use your account details to post on the forum. If any user allows anyone who is banned from the forum to login with their account they too will be banned.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Unfortunately there is no such thing!

As much as we would all like the freedom to say what we like, it is not you that will get the lawyer's letters if someone takes offence. The forum owners are responsible for the content of the forum so if we feel something is inappropriate in any way, shape or form it will be deleted. We do not have to justify ourselves and we will not enter into any debates with people who think their civil liberties are somehow being infringed or who disagree with the way the forum is being run. Our decision in every matter will be final, if you feel that you cannot respect our wishes then you are not welcome on our forum. If you do have a problem with anything on the forum or how it is run then contact the management via the PM system or email to make your views known - Do not start topics on these matters - THEY WILL BE DELETED.

DISCIPLINARY ACTION: This forum is not run by a club or any commercial organisation but by a group of like-minded enthusiasts. We do not recieve any payment and do it for the enjoyment in a common interest - Steamboats. We do not expect trouble and strife for our efforts and if you break the rules you will recieve a warning. If we have cause to issue another warning you will conseqently be banned from the forum. The forum owner has ultimate responsibility for the content of the forum and their decision is final.

A note to new users: By registering you accept these rules and abide by them.

To existing users: by remaining as a member of this forum you accept the rules and abide by them. If you do not wish to do so please contact he managment and we will delete your account.

Thank You

The Management
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