Monotube Javelin

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Re: Monotube Javelin

Post by fredrosse » Mon Dec 04, 2023 3:17 am

What part of California is the concern you're consulting for located? Make it out that way much?
Power plant is on the southern shore of the Salton Sea. There are already about 35 Geothermal Power Plants around this area. This new plant will be connected to a Lithium recovery plant, which will produce around 40,000 tons of Lithium product per year. I have been to a few meetings at Palm Springs over the past 2 years.

The Monotube generator should produce about 300 PPH (Pounds pre Hour) steam flow without exceeding maximum ratings. That translates to about 10 horsepower boiler rating according to the old (1876) ASME definitions. For reciprocating steam engines, in 1876, that was the typical steam engine performance, with 70 psig steam pressure and atmospheric exhaust pressure. Modern steam engines can achieve better performance, for example the WWII USA Liberty Ships (2700 built) with triple expansion engines used about 17 PPH per output horsepower. The WWII USA Aircraft Carriers (55 built) with Skinner Compound Uniflow Engines used about 12 PPH per output horsepower.

I am hoping to use about 20 PPH per horsepower in my boat power plant.

Beyond that, my monotube steam generator has a maximum rated heat flux of about 11,000 BTU per square ft heating surface, and in boiler furnaces the heat flux can have maximum values that are several times this value. Therefore, if efficiency of the boiler can be sacrificed with the objective of maximum output, considerably more than 300 PPH would be available.
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