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Re: Loo Solutions

Post by cyberbadger » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:23 am

Mike Cole wrote:Should I now start to hold a register of loo equipped boats, so I know who to steam alongside on the longer trips?
Sure. :-P

List all amenities. Nyitra has a Windemere Kettle for example. Very important to have tea/coffee.

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Just Starting Out
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Re: Loo Solutions

Post by Mjolnir » Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:45 am

Well, I have provided Dancer with a holding tank under the floor forward and a head in the head. (Where else!) It hasn't been tried in anger yet, she has only been in the water once and the steam plumbing is not complete yet. It is arranged with valves so that it can be flushed out over the side when desired, this being legal here in New Zealand if you are 500 metres offshore. This will also allow emptying it when at a campervan pump out point, since the boat is trailable.
Dancer has been designed with the idea that she would be used for extended cruises, maybe up to a week or so, so has a long waterline. This provides some accommodation space forward and aft of the plant. The length is 30 feet and the beam is six feet.
There will also be a little galley with a refrigerator and a gas cooker. All home comforts.
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