Shamrock Restoration Appeal

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Re: Shamrock Restoration Appeal

Post by johngriffiths » Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:57 pm

Unfortunately I have to report the following re-occurrence, the first being that mentioned above. The 2009 incident resulted in Roger Mallinson transferring to the Shamrock Trust.

During the night of 5/6 December heavy rainfall resulted in Windermere rising to 2.82 meters over the gauge datum. Shamrock’s saloon came into contact with the ceiling beams in the boathouse at Wray and suffered considerable damage to the cabin.

As well as organising repairs, the Trustees are having to consider whether the boathouse can, in its existing form, continue to be used for the boat. Wray is a delightful location and the site and Shamrock complement each other. When Shamrock is out on the jetty there is an immediate appearance of phones and cameras as trip boats approach and visitors to the boat house are frequently enthralled by what they see.

We hope to be able to work with the National Trust, who own the Boat House, to provide a safe environment so Shamrock can cope with the very high lake levels, now an increasing occurrence

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