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Full Steam Ahead
Full Steam Ahead
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Post by cyberbadger » Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:25 am

This is the first time out using the new helm and teleflex cable. You can see Nyitra's one-handed steering waggle that caused one ~5 year old to ask - what do you steer that with.? :lol: :oops:
Still a lot of slop in the lnikages, but I am all about incremental testing and this was a success. Did I mention it is also swapped left for right, right for left. Clockwise turns to port. That will be corrected with the new linkage.
Still haven't met the Chautuauqua Belle on the water. I couldn't keep up with her right now - and that's ok. Nyitra has been tons of fun and is only getting better. I love hanging out on the Dock and tinkering and upgrading. I give the whistle when people come up or indicate from a distance. The biggest thing is that most people have absolutely no clue what she is. Nyitra has been mistaken for Seaweed Disposal Service Boat Equipment, fishing boat complete with fisherman who never moves(her boiler!), a still or some sort of hooch making barge (If they see the copper coil in the Windmere kettle I suppose that confuses the mater :lol: )
Also - do you any of steamboaters get this? - they don't understand what my propulsion method is. They seem to think I should be a paddlewheeler. I suppose the Toledo is hidden by the railing from their prospective.

As Ron said, puffing is the way to go. You can see the smoke as I add new fuel, and it fairly quickly goes away as it catches properly. Sometime I want to find a safe height to fly the Drone directly above the boiler. I should be able to observe some light from the fire through the firetubes if I can line up the drones camera pointed directly down. Would make for a nice photo.

Filmed with my second replacement drone - Hey third drone's a charm! I highly recommend the $100 replacement policy from DJI that got me two replacements. I have landed the third drone twice on the Deck on Nyitra. It can be challenging to land with Nyitra either moving or drifting differently then the drone is pushed by the wind. Last time it was a mild crash onto the Deck - but it didn't get wet. I have a nice italian made pelican case for the Drone.

If you like drones, I highly recommend you consider DJI https://www.dji.com/. I have a DJI Mavic Pro and filmed below with it, and Drones are only getting smaller, cheaper, more convenient, faster, safer, smarter, more reliable.

Even if you don't like drone's - I can't highly enough recommend these cases for all sorts of sensitive equipment storage that is great quality from Itaty - HPRC.

What a modern steam launch looks like to a bird 2017:


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