1890 Continental European Launch

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1890 Continental European Launch

Post by cyberbadger » Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:08 am

I have been perusing online for history regarding the original 1913 Nyitra and found this great photo of a Famous Hungarian painter and his launch in Downtown Győr. The photo is from 1895, but it's already a third hand boat at this point.

Her name was Dévér - named after the fish - Common Bream
Built az Switzerland around 1890.
First owner: Erzherzog Otto,used on the Lake Geneva,
Sold to graf Miklós von Esterhazy,
Sold to Lajos feszty,
In 1894 acquired by Árpád Feszty the well known Hungarian painter,used on the River Vag and River Danube,
further history unknown.
(Click the British flag to get the English version of the page if it doesn't come up)

The dimensions are close to the original 1913 Nyitra and give me a different perspective. The Boiler is also similar to what the original 1913 Nyitra had. The canopy reminds me of the African queen.

A beautiful old school steam launch!

And Feszty is having a good time, you can see his wine bottle on the back. ;)

Feszty-Árpád-a-saját-gőzhajóján-1895-ben-Szaló-Gábor-1000x759-128K.jpg (126.58 KiB) Viewed 3675 times
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