Orphan boat

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Orphan boat

Post by Lopez Mike » Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:16 am

A 32 foot steel steamboat has appeared in a boat yard here in Puget Sound. The current owner was willed the boat by his father, a Bruce Holbook who never completed the project (such a familiar story).

It was constructed this far in Connecticut and, on the builder's demise, shipped to the N.W. There is a navy compound and a family large VFT. I haven't examined the boat carefully but will do so as soon as I get over the crud. The owner said that it was a Navy K but I'm pretty sure it has cast frames/columns so it might be a B or a G.

Do any of you downeasters know about this boat? The present owner has neither the facilities, the expertise or the inclination to tackle finishing this project.

You may contact me on here or via P.M. or email.
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