A special section just for steam engines and boilers, as without these you may as well fit a sail.
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Post by barts » Wed Jan 18, 2023 1:08 am

I've been spending some time working on Rainbow, and needed to cover the insulation on some the steam piping. I read about Arabol and other casein-derived goo that could be used to protect pipe insulation. It occurred to me that a more modern wood glue might work as well, so I tried Tite-bond III with some reasonable success. I used some 4" wide cotton lagging tape as I had some I was given many years ago; the cloth is readily available but not in tape form anymore.

I had a receiver that needed some help as it tended to get dirty quickly. First, as it was when I bought Rainbow:
Second, after a coat of slightly water thinned Tite-bond III and some initial application of cloth:
And lastly, with more cloth and a coat of Rustoleum white gloss enamel.

Anyway, this works and the glue really prevents the rope from soaking up the paint.

- Bart
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