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General Websites

The Steam Boat Association of Great Britain

The website for the SBA, the largest association of steamboaters in the world. It hosts an on-line register, events calendar and a massive collection of information and pictures all concentrated on Steam Boats.


The Shamrock Trust

The Shamrock Trust web site is all about the Steamboat Shamrock. It details the history behind the boat, how it was built over 100 years ago on Windermere where it still sails today, and was lovingly restored by Roger Mallinson in the late 70's. The Shamrock Trust was formed after extensive damage was caused in floods. The damage has since been repaired and the boat is as beautiful as ever.


The Consuta Trust

This is the Consuta Trust's web site. Consuta is a 1889 52-foot fast steam launch based on the river Thames. The boat was built to umpire rowing races at The Henley Royal Regatta and is favoured for traditional-style rowing races. Beautifully restored to working order around the year 2000.


International Steamboating Society

An american-based web site with a lot of basic steam boat information. A very good read for anyone looking into owning their first steam boat.


Windermere Steamboat Museum

Currently closed for a major redevelopment. However the web site is still operating and details of the boats can be read.


North West Steam Society

A good web site telling you the basics of steam principle and is a good steam boat enthusiast club for the US.


Steamboat Scrap Book

Aka Stanley Steamers. This is a brilliant page with many pictures of all sorts of steam boats.


Skills and Parts

T.R.S. Boiler Makers

Selway Fisher Hull Designs

Glyn Lancaster Jones

Bjorklund Steam

Steam Technology

Steamboat Engine BV

B2 Ånga (Sweden)

Devlin Boats

Elliott Bay Steam Launch Co.

Mosquito Enteprises

Pearl Steam Engine Company

Rappahannock Boat Works
(Tiny Power Steam Engines)

Reliable Steam Engine Co.

Peter Cowie's Elliott Bay Project

Specific to Boats

SL Alaska

SL Artemis

ST Baltimore

DF Calypso (In German)

SL Consuta

ST Daldy

Daniel Adamson

SB Delta Queen

HMS Elfin

SL Elpenor

SN Emily Anne

DB Emma

SY Ena

SL Étoile Arcture

SS Explorer

SL Firedance

SL Funnel

SY Gondola

SL Ictus

SL Ilse Louise

SL Isabella

ST Kerne

PS Kingswear Castle

DS Lagavulin

SL Lagom

SL Lalli

SS La Palma

PS Liberty Belle

FV Lydia Eva

SS Master

PS Medway Queen

SL Merganser

SB Minnehaha

SC No Rush

SL Ondine (French)

SS Ossi

SL Orion #1

SL Orion #2

SS Östa

SL Otter

SL Panatela

SL Pegasus

ST Portwey

SN President

HSL Puffin (formerly 256)

SS Pumper

SS Robin

SL Senta

SS Shieldhall

SL Silencio (French)

PS Sir Walter Scott

PS Skibladner

SB Spirit of Peoria

SL St. Urs

DB Steamchen

SL Stickleback

DB Sunrise (German)

SL Suzanne (French)

SL Takisker

ST TID 172

SL Uranus

DB Valhalla


PS Waverly

SN Whistle Down The Wind

SL Woodbine


Midship - in translated English.

Steam Pascal (French)